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Thursday, January 27, 2011


Sorry guys for not giving up any posts just been a little busy. Been playing the multiplayer for bad company 2 and i have to say its pretty great. The game play is a bit slow unless you rush which often gets you killed more than you get kills due to snipers, the awkward spawn, the occasional explosion, and vehicles taking you out. So far my favorite mode is rush which has you attack or defend two bomb sites on the map and if the site is lost the defending team is pushed back to defend another two bombs until they run out of ground or the attackers run out of respawn tickets which reset after every defensive push back.

So far my main classes are the medic kit and the recon kit and occasionally the engineer kit when I feel like destroying enemy tanks and stuff and getting my teams tanks to the sweet spot, the middle of the spawn, with my awesome drill that supposedly puts out fires adds metal and fixes everything while also killing if you get close enough to the enemies. If I have a good rushing squad I’ll play a medic since that’s a point gold mine for healing, reviving, and saving your teammates which saves on tickets and ultimately get you the most desired win quickly and effectively. Yea you get put into squads in the game I believe a max of 4 or something which you can leave and try to join another during the game. If I’m feeling a bit lazy I’ll do the recon kit and sit back relax plan shots, since bullets arc slightly when you shoot long range, and drop mortar strikes where needed such as a crowded building, group of tanks/enemies or the objective building which eventually destroys it.

I have taken a long break from Black Ops but I think I will give it a try today since I listened to Painkiller Already episode 35 which they were talking about life, the universe, and mostly Call of Duty and YouTube. This got me thinking that I might start a channel eventually once I get better at the game and build me a library of “good” games to start uploading because I plan to upload a game or 2 a day to keep my subscribers happy and hopefully attract new ones. For now I’ll just sit back save a few games on my 360’s hard drive and buy me a HD PVR (High-definition portable video recorder) one of these days so I can share my stuff with the world.

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James the Giant Leach said...

ive been aprehensive about getting into these games mself