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Friday, January 21, 2011

Battlefield Bad Company 2

Just finished the game after about 7 hours including my breaks and I have to say the campaign was decent but not the best. The AI was lackluster as your teammates would often get stuck somewhere or just not follow you at all until you arrive at the objective in which they teleport next to you. At least they provide some covering fire to aid you in killing the swarms of annoying enemies which are pretty redundant with almost every wave with the same make up: a sniper or two, some RPG pronubs, the gunners, and the mounted machine gun fan.

Overall it kept my attention and gave me quite a few achievement points (which was a plus). The destructive environment was fun to kill those few enemies u don't feel like threading the needle to get which proved effective throughout the entire game. Although the story wasn't bad it needed some work since it felt like go here kill this go there find that etc. I Still need to try the Multiplayer which i will get to tonight and i hope its better than the rest of the game is not saying that its bad or anything.

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