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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New Blog

Hello everyone I have prepared another blog to sort of start over. I know I have one here but it is a real mess and the newer one is cleaner. Also plan to update the blog more as time goes on probably about a post every 2 days or so and I will be updating the layout within the next few weeks.

Here is the new place The Viper's Cove

Friday, September 9, 2011


Well I started college this week so I wont be able to update as much because i barely have time to do anything "recreational" during the week because being an engineer is busy work. I have been reading up on Star wars the old republic and it seems like it will be a huge game as long as the community sticks with it. Well that's all for now because i have to get to class so it was run while it lasted. =.=

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Sorry guys for not giving up any posts just been a little busy. Been playing the multiplayer for bad company 2 and i have to say its pretty great. The game play is a bit slow unless you rush which often gets you killed more than you get kills due to snipers, the awkward spawn, the occasional explosion, and vehicles taking you out. So far my favorite mode is rush which has you attack or defend two bomb sites on the map and if the site is lost the defending team is pushed back to defend another two bombs until they run out of ground or the attackers run out of respawn tickets which reset after every defensive push back.

So far my main classes are the medic kit and the recon kit and occasionally the engineer kit when I feel like destroying enemy tanks and stuff and getting my teams tanks to the sweet spot, the middle of the spawn, with my awesome drill that supposedly puts out fires adds metal and fixes everything while also killing if you get close enough to the enemies. If I have a good rushing squad I’ll play a medic since that’s a point gold mine for healing, reviving, and saving your teammates which saves on tickets and ultimately get you the most desired win quickly and effectively. Yea you get put into squads in the game I believe a max of 4 or something which you can leave and try to join another during the game. If I’m feeling a bit lazy I’ll do the recon kit and sit back relax plan shots, since bullets arc slightly when you shoot long range, and drop mortar strikes where needed such as a crowded building, group of tanks/enemies or the objective building which eventually destroys it.

I have taken a long break from Black Ops but I think I will give it a try today since I listened to Painkiller Already episode 35 which they were talking about life, the universe, and mostly Call of Duty and YouTube. This got me thinking that I might start a channel eventually once I get better at the game and build me a library of “good” games to start uploading because I plan to upload a game or 2 a day to keep my subscribers happy and hopefully attract new ones. For now I’ll just sit back save a few games on my 360’s hard drive and buy me a HD PVR (High-definition portable video recorder) one of these days so I can share my stuff with the world.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Free to Play Online games

Recently I have been playing a decent amount of F2P(Free to play) games since World of Warcraft has hit a slow period for me. I do this often so that I can take a break from WoW and be able to see what the rest MMO world has to offer.

The first game I tried was Allods Online which was deemed by most a WoW clone. Starting off the game is kinda fun but in order to level it is strictly based off of quests and grinding is not recommended since it is very hard to aoe in the game because the mobs hit too hard. Also recently they added a patch that made leveling unbearable unless you bought some items from the cash shop. This made a good chunk of the community leave and thinking back on when they added the patch I'm not sure if I even want to play the game again due to lack of confidence in the staff.

Moving on, I am currently playing Free Style Street Basketball which is another ok game but there is a particularly high learning curve that new players have to face. Early on you play games to level up and acquire points which are used on skills, clothes and free styles which are variations of other skills. This game also keeps track of your win/loss record which is good at the later levels to weed out the nubs but at the lower levels most players will kick you from the team if your ratio is too low making it even harder to level or even play. Overall the game is pretty good if you have some interest in basketball and don't mind the scarceness of matches and players at random times during the day.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Wonder Woman Pilot

So it looks like they're bringing back an oldie to NBC, Wonder Woman. Never watched the old show but hey i sure as hell wouldn't mind seeing some chick parade around in tights kicking ass while looking hot doing it. I hear stuff about having her cover up a bit so she gives the idea of a strong woman but isn't it enough that she has super powers and that bad ass rope that she binds the bad guys with? Anyways those feminists need to back off and leave Wonder Woman alone so we can all have our real life and comic book fantasies about her UNCHANGED mind you. You don't see us men going on about how us guys need to cover up and shit cause we simply just don't care whether or not someone exposes their body to be viewed by the millions, its their choice.

I still wonder what the show will be like and if it will be worth watching or just another one of those things like the movie Cat Woman which we only watched to see Halle Berry in tights which was ok but disappointing. I'm not entirely sure when it will premiere but i will definately be watching and you guys tell me what you think.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Battlefield Bad Company 2

Just finished the game after about 7 hours including my breaks and I have to say the campaign was decent but not the best. The AI was lackluster as your teammates would often get stuck somewhere or just not follow you at all until you arrive at the objective in which they teleport next to you. At least they provide some covering fire to aid you in killing the swarms of annoying enemies which are pretty redundant with almost every wave with the same make up: a sniper or two, some RPG pronubs, the gunners, and the mounted machine gun fan.

Overall it kept my attention and gave me quite a few achievement points (which was a plus). The destructive environment was fun to kill those few enemies u don't feel like threading the needle to get which proved effective throughout the entire game. Although the story wasn't bad it needed some work since it felt like go here kill this go there find that etc. I Still need to try the Multiplayer which i will get to tonight and i hope its better than the rest of the game is not saying that its bad or anything.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Games(mostly Silkroad)

Today I have been playing Silkroad online the international version starting out on a semi-new server Azteca. Currently there has been talk of a new "legit movement" that started out as a small project on since everyone missed the war on bots that the old server Venus was known for. Personally I just missed the vast amount of parties held daily and the community that consisted of a few strong unions that kept the entire server in check. Unfortunately people lost interest for some reason and the biggest union lost control causing the structure of the legits to crumble leaking in bots until the server reached capacity forcing players to wait in line in order to play. This is perfectly described in this video.

Anyways playing the last few days has been fun slowly building up some cash and stocking up on elixirs for whenever the prices change and also trying to level with the new legit wave. I plan to somewhat monitor my silkroad progress but I have a shifting focus of games that i play so its hard to stay with one unless it really interests me. It surprises me how many people don't know how to make money on that game but hey if everyone knew i would be out of business.

Currently I have about 3.5m gold and 47ish elixirs which I bought for cheap from bots who undercut endlessly. I got the money from stalking bot parties and picking up their alchemy mats and tablets which I later manufactured and sold on the "auction house" for the money to buy the elixirs but as you already know this is a boring process and at times it can be hard to find parties to mooch off of. I was lucky and found a nice amount of bots in Karakorum a.k.a. the big hunk of ice in the middle of the map. Surprisingly the 7th degree stones sold well and made me a total of around 10m. I plan to share the load and help some of my fellow legit players have a good start on the server so they don't get bored and leave us prematurely.

Finally gonna get Battlefield: Bad Company 2 after being biased against it while Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 was still popular and the fan-boys were annoying me. I recently saw some stuff about medics in the game from Wings of Redemption on you tube and it actually looked fun for once so ill give it a chance for now while I'm not playing black ops.