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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Games(mostly Silkroad)

Today I have been playing Silkroad online the international version starting out on a semi-new server Azteca. Currently there has been talk of a new "legit movement" that started out as a small project on since everyone missed the war on bots that the old server Venus was known for. Personally I just missed the vast amount of parties held daily and the community that consisted of a few strong unions that kept the entire server in check. Unfortunately people lost interest for some reason and the biggest union lost control causing the structure of the legits to crumble leaking in bots until the server reached capacity forcing players to wait in line in order to play. This is perfectly described in this video.

Anyways playing the last few days has been fun slowly building up some cash and stocking up on elixirs for whenever the prices change and also trying to level with the new legit wave. I plan to somewhat monitor my silkroad progress but I have a shifting focus of games that i play so its hard to stay with one unless it really interests me. It surprises me how many people don't know how to make money on that game but hey if everyone knew i would be out of business.

Currently I have about 3.5m gold and 47ish elixirs which I bought for cheap from bots who undercut endlessly. I got the money from stalking bot parties and picking up their alchemy mats and tablets which I later manufactured and sold on the "auction house" for the money to buy the elixirs but as you already know this is a boring process and at times it can be hard to find parties to mooch off of. I was lucky and found a nice amount of bots in Karakorum a.k.a. the big hunk of ice in the middle of the map. Surprisingly the 7th degree stones sold well and made me a total of around 10m. I plan to share the load and help some of my fellow legit players have a good start on the server so they don't get bored and leave us prematurely.

Finally gonna get Battlefield: Bad Company 2 after being biased against it while Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 was still popular and the fan-boys were annoying me. I recently saw some stuff about medics in the game from Wings of Redemption on you tube and it actually looked fun for once so ill give it a chance for now while I'm not playing black ops.